Perry Noble was considered by most to be a successful pastor.  He led the NewSpring Church of Anderson, SC for 18 years – a church of nearly 28,000.  By most accounts it is the 3rd largest church in the United States.  On July 1, Pastor Noble abruptly resigned his position as Senior Pastor.  Why?  He resigned because he had become an alcoholic and it was damaging his marriage.  His stated position on alcohol was (is) that nothing in the Bible prohibits a person from the moderate use of alcohol.  You may agree.  However, the Bible is clear that nothing in our lives should come between us and the Savior.  Nothing in our lives should come between us and our spouses.  Nothing in our lives should damage our testimony before a watching world or be allowed to harm our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Alcohol did all of that to Perry Noble.  What is it doing to you?