Last week, we touched on the issue of gambling.  Let’s take it a step further and step on some Christian toes in the process.  Is gambling OK if you set a limit – a low limit – and stick to it?  Let’s say you decide you’re willing to risk $2.00 a week on the Lottery.  Who knows?  You might just get lucky and if you do, you’ll give a substantial amount of your winnings to the work of the Lord through your local church!  If you don’t, well, whatever the government decides to do with the money is probably a good cause anyway, so it’s no big deal.

Let’s consider that.  $2.00 a week is over $100 a year – several thousand over the course of a 30 year habit.  Now we’re not talking about a small limit.  That’s real money.  Plus, how will your children or other, weaker believers view your “harmless fun”?  Will they set the same limit and stick to it?  Will they struggle with the lure to bet more?  Are you willing to allow the government the decision as to how to spend the money God has placed in your hands, or do you think God might have other, better plans for those funds?

If gambling is wrong, it doesn’t make any difference how much you gamble.  The principle of being a good steward trumps whatever cautions you might put in place.