Over the centuries, various aspects of theological concern have surfaced and become the focal point of those generations of believers.  In the early days of Christianity, Eschatology, or the study of end time events, was not much of a focus.  They were dealing with the deity of Christ, the personality of the Holy Spirit, and the nature of the church – things like that.  All of that has changed in the last 150-200 years.  As we grow closer to the time of Christ’s return, our interest in that subject has skyrocketed…to the point that quite a number of false and misleading approaches to the study of end times have become popular.  It’s important that we keep our heads about us as we study God’s plan for the future.  He has revealed what He wants us to know in His Word.  That needs to be our guide.  He has also told us there are some things we won’t know – like the exact day of His return.  We need to be content with what God has revealed and not speculate on things he has chosen to keep to Himself.