All churches have a life cycle.  Not one of the churches from the 1st Century is still operational.  Precious few from the founding days of our country are still living and of the ones that are, even fewer have stayed true to the Gospel.  Like us, churches have a life cycle.  They are born, usually with great joy and high expectations.  They grow, reach maturity, level off, decline and pass from the scene, having impacted people for Christ and eternity along the way.  Some have a relatively short life while others can live on for centuries.  Sometimes, a church in distress can be brought back to health.  That is the task in front of our guests today, Sam and Darlene Farlow.  The Farlows are serving with ABWE and have located to south Denver to begin the tender work of nursing South Holly Baptist Church back to health.  By the grace of God, SHBC will once again be a thriving center of Gospel ministry in Centennial.  We’re praying that the life story of this church includes many more years of service to our Savior.