Mitchells - California

The Mitchells are working on maturing and taking a church to total independence. They are also focused on working with the church on a proper building to use.

Newell (retired)

Les Newell is a widowed Baptist Church Planters missionary. He lives with his daughter and son-in-law in Texas. Les pastored Rustic Hills Baptist Church from 1970-1973, but spent most of his missionary years in the Midwest, Ohio in particular. He is in his eighties and participates in the church his son-in-law pastors as his health allows.

Ryan Tustin - New Jersey

Ryan Tustin is a member of Rustic Hills Baptist Church. He is on an internship related to his Pastoral studies at Faith Baptist Bible College. He is working with Pastor Paul Robinson and his wife Janet, serving with the inner city in Camden, New Jersey.  Ryan will also assist in  planting a new church in nearby Pennsauken. You can follow Ryan at his blog by clicking here.

Baptist Church Planters

Facilitating the process for churches and their sent missionaries to plant or revitalize churches in North America., 440.748.1677


What does "Church' Mean?

The word church is used over 100 times in the Bible. Its literal meaning is "called out ones". To the New Testament age the term has a dual aspect. First, there is the universal church to which all believers belong immediately upon accepting Christ as Savior (Matthew 16-18). Second, it is the aspect of the local church filled with born-again believers willingly united together to serve the Lord in their community (Brown and Brown, 2009, p. 24)