“There is no way to prepare yourself for the loss of a loved one.” I have heard that sentiment expressed repeatedly over the years, and have affirmed the thought without knowing the feelings. This week, my dad was promoted to Glory. We have known this was coming for several months and he was 95 years old, but the hole he left behind didn’t really open up until he took his last breath. At that moment it was real. At that moment, he was gone. At that moment the clash of realities took place. He was finally Home. He was no longer struggling with a failing body and mind. He was with his beloved Savior…but he was no longer with us. I won’t feel his hug or see his smile or hear that ear-splitting whistle or benefit from his sage advice…until I stand together with him in the presence of our Savior. That’s the clash of realities. There is comfort in the knowledge of our promised future reunion – a comfort made necessary by the present painful separation. At times, life hurts. But God—is—good.