This past month or so has been witness to a couple of devastating Harveys – a hurricane and a human predator. The hurricane did massive damage to property and cost a few people their lives. It was an unprecedented natural disaster, with rainfall totals that have never been seen before from one event. But, there was no malice in that storm, no selfish ambition, no desire to use people for personal pleasure. It was an impersonal storm, and as such, does not leave the same kinds of scars. However, there was a Harvey in Southern California that also did untold damage. The ruined lives are still coming to the surface. There was malice in what Harvey Weinstein did to people. His schemes reeked of personal ambition and the destructive use of people. He was a predator, attacking young women for his personal pleasure. The spotlight is on Mr. Weinstein, but the problem is much deeper than Harvey. The culture of sexual exploitation is part and parcel of the Hollywood world…which is also coming to the surface. Sin hurts people – in much deeper and more profound ways than storms.