Once again, men with guns killed significant numbers of people in two separate venues – one in El Paso, TX and one in Dayton, OH. Once again, we were shocked and saddened. Once again, politicians argued over gun control and mental health, and told us “thoughts and prayers” were not enough. Once again, the proposed solutions are completely void of any mention of God. The problem is not the gun or the presence of mentally disturbed individuals. Both have been with us for decades – for centuries. The problem in El Paso and Dayton is the same as it was in Aurora, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas. America has a heart problem. We have turned our hearts away from the living God. We speak of all kinds of “fears” and “phobias,” but “there is no fear of God” in their hearts (Psalm 36:1). Read Psalm 36:1-4. It is a chilling description of the killers stalking American streets today – killers who act out because we no longer fear the Lord.