Our Helper 5-21-2023

Our Helper

This morning we will be discussing part of Jesus’ teaching regarding the Holy Spirit in the context of His pending ascension to heaven. This segment appears in John 14:25-27. Jesus brought up the subject of the paraclete – the “Helper” that He would be sending to minister to believers in John 14, 15 and 16. He addressed our Helper a total of five times in those three chapters. It was obviously very important to Him…and very important for us. Each time, He gave a little more information. He wanted us to know what to expect and how the Spirit of God would serve us while we live on earth as Christians. He helps each of us in a number of ways, several of which show up in today’s text. Pay attention. This morning, you’ll find that the Holy Spirit is an emissary of Jesus who teaches, reminds and promotes peace.