Over the last couple of months, we have enjoyed watching a momma Robin and her chicks who nested right outside our kitchen window. She actually had two  broods of four chicks each, one right after the other. It was fun to watch and we learned a lot about Robin behavior during that time. One thing we learned is that the momma is a diligent parent. Once the chicks were hatched, she was about the business of finding food (usually worms) for her chicks from dawn to dusk. She would normally be gone about 10 minutes, be back just long enough to feed the four hungry mouths and then fly off again to find more. That went on day after day for the better part of two weeks. Now, we know God built that into her DNA, but it was instructive to us. It reminded us of Solomon’s advice to “Go to the ant…consider her ways.” God has built a measure of responsibility into His creatures. They do what they are supposed to do instinctively. He expects the same from us, though we have to make that choice consciously. Have you considered the ways of God’s diligent and responsible creatures? Do you make your time count for Him?