On Oct. 31, 1517, 500 years ago, an obscure German Catholic priest named Martin Luther stepped to the front of the church he led in Wittenberg, Germany, and posted 95 theses on the front door of the church. Lots of people had posted similar announcements and treatises. The church door functioned much like the village newspaper or a local version of Facebook in those days. He had concerns about how things were done and what he considered to be abuses within the Catholic church. But on the eve of All Saints Day in 1517, Dr. Luther had no idea his statements calling for internal church reform would touch off the Protestant Reformation. It did and that movement tore a huge segment of the Catholic church away in search of a biblical Christian faith. Luther’s actions on Oct. 31 were not intended to be momentous. He was just trying to get the Catholic church to reform itself. But God turned it around and brought back the biblical concepts of salvation by faith alone, in Christ alone, on the basis of the Scriptures alone, by the grace of God alone, to the glory of God alone. Praise the Lord for small actions that God can use to accomplish great ends.