The Cross.  It has always been a polarizing symbol.  In Paul’s day, it was the symbol of brutal, torturous death reserved for the dregs of society.  No respectable person was crucified, so when it became the symbol of Christianity, no respectable person wanted anything to do with it.  Down through the years, it has lost some of its ancient baggage, but it has picked up new meanings, equally repulsive to modern sensibilities.  The Cross today stands for a faith that many see as anti-progress, anti-intellectual, narrow and even hateful.  Groups like the ACLU work hard to suppress it at every opportunity.  Yet, it is the symbol of new life in Christ.  It is the symbol of a Savior who loved us so much that He died on that cruel tree and rose from the grave (hence, the empty cross) so that we can live for eternity.  So, embrace the cross.  Hold it high.  It was the symbol of death, but it is now the symbol of eternal life in Christ.