Believers sometimes get confused by the language we read in the Bible.  For instance, we are told to be “perfect” (II Tim. 3:17), but we are also told there is no way we will ever reach that state of perfection in this life (I John 1:8-10).  We learn that imperfect people cannot enter the presence of God (Gal. 5:19-21) but then we find out that we can never attain sinless perfection through works (Gal. 2:16).  That’s kind of confusing!  However, one Person is perfect, and His sacrifice made it possible for us to be accepted in God’s sight (I John 3:5).  That Person was Jesus, whose perfect life and sinless death was imputed to us by God’s grace through faith.  We are righteous before God – “perfect” – because we wear the spotless robes of our perfect Substitute.