Last weekend, the helicopter carrying former NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant and 8 other people crashed on an LA hillside killing everyone on board. When a well-known personality dies – particularly when that person was beloved and admired – people who never met that person grieve as if they had lost a loved one. How should we respond as believers? What should be our perspective? Should we focus on his flaws to bring that person down to earth? Should we lionize him and forget that he was human? Remember that no one is without flaws, not even those who appear to lead a charmed life. Mr. Bryant’s death teaches us several things.

  1. Life is short. Even the rich and famous are mortal.
  2. Everyone, including celebrities, has an appointment with death after which they will give an account to God.
  3. Everyone is a sinner. Celebrities may be tempted in ways and to degrees we are not, but we are all sinners in need of a Savior.
  4. Most people – especially unbelievers – struggle with death. An event like this may provide us the opportunity to point people to Christ. Keep your eyes and ears open.