One week ago, Hurricane Irma screamed ashore in South Florida, just a couple of weeks after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. As I write this, Irma hasn’t yet hit and the damage is unknown. But every indication is it will be bad – maybe the worst natural disaster in the history of the country. What can we do? There are several responses:
1. We can pray. We who know Christ have a resource no one else has – we can pray. This is first in time and it’s first in importance. It’s real time pleading with the only One who is in control!
2. We can give. Our church stands ready to receive and direct gifts to those in need. Unlike some organizations that have significant overhead, every penny of your gift will go directly to help your brothers and sisters in Christ who need it most. Simply designate your gift “Hurricane”.
3. We can go. People on the ground will need help. Can you imagine completely rebuilding your life all by yourself? It’s a monumental task, and we can provide on-the-ground support. Often the things that stand in the way include job, finances, time away from family, and our own daily responsibilities. If you can clear away the personal issues and make the time to go, the agencies with whom we partner (GARBC, BCP, BMM) are putting teams on the ground and would love to have your help.
We can pray, we can give, we can go. What can you do?