That simple phrase exposes the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy of the pro-abortion agenda.  Those who inhabit the dark back rooms of the abortion movement were all the beneficiaries of a long-ago decision on the part of a woman to carry her baby to term.  They have for themselves what they wish to deny to others – the right and ability to live.  They were allowed to grow and thrive in the wombs of their moms.  They wish to deny that growth to others.  They were allowed to see the light of day.  They wish to deny that light to others.  They were allowed to experience life in all of its glories and difficulties.  They wish to deny life’s experiences to others.  In short, it is the height of hypocrisy to “choose” death for someone else when someone chose life for them.  Hundreds of years ago, Moses counseled the Israelites to follow God and in so doing to “choose life”.  The mother of every living human being followed that sage advice and chose life for her offspring – whether she knew she was obeying God or not.  As followers of the living God, we have an obligation to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to stand for life.